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Recognising people’s achievements is always a real pleasure to be involved with. Event management of award ceremonies however can be challenging to organise and manage if this is something you are not used to. The nomination process is admin heavy, the judging process co-ordinated and the finalists and winners a closely guarded secret and that’s all before you think about organising the event.

The duration of awards ceremonies is a major consideration. As a general rule each award from announcing the nominations to the winner returning to their seat takes around 3 minutes, more if video is being shown of the nominees and or winner. We ensure that this is managed seamlessly.

And finally, awards ceremonies require the identity of the winners to be kept a closely guarded secret. Inevitably those involved in the production and logistics of the event need to know who the winners are and where they will be seated but beyond that it is strictly a need to know basis only and we provide a safe pair of hands to make this all happen for your award ceremony event.

What to expect from us:

  • Award supplier sourcing
  • Experienced event management team from start to finish
  • Delegate registration and management e.g. badging, delegate packs, dietary requirements
  • Audio visual design and onsite support
  • Budget control – full negotiation
  • Speaker, host and live entertainment sourcing and management
  • Branded print and design materials tailored to your event
  • Video production/photography
  • Logistics and transport
  • Venue and Hotel accommodation management
  • Stage design and sounding
  • Programme and rehearsal management
  • Menu tasting for dinners
  • Post event evaluation

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