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We are a full service event management agency delivering outstanding events all over the UK and with a range of event management services to suit every need. Specialising in the design, development and delivery of conferences, roadshows, internal communication and product launch events.

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Event evaluation

Event evaluation – 4 Pillars of Successful Events

Event evaluation is a vital part to consider and must be apart of your event strategy when organizing an event as what you want to evaluate and how you want to evaluate it needs to be considered and implemented throughout the whole process. It’s not just about about collecting numbers when considering Event evaluation, it’s…

Event organizing - date, time and location

Event organizing – Date, Time & Location

Event organizing – Think about Date, Time & Location Pillar 3 is about Date, Time & Location. Thinking about your target audience, the right time of day, the right day of the week and the right place to host an event is something that is frequently overlooked by people who are organizing an event. It…

Event design in event production

Event design – Pillar 2

Event design: what to think about… Pillar 2 is about Event design. This is an important process to think about when creating a highly successful event. It’s not always about how an event looks and feels, although it could be, but more about considering the needs and expectations of those attending an event. It is…