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Sustainable Events

The October 2016 edition of Conference News has a feature on sustainability which takes the rather narrow perspective of ‘greening’ the event for the benefit of the environment. The top 5 suggestions for organising a sustainable event include: Travel: focus on reducing travel time and lift sharing Venue: choose a location that is sustainably recognised…


Event Security

The current round of political party conferences highlights the sensitivities of striking the right balance of ensuring an event is robustly secure without overly impacting on the experience of the delegates or the surrounding communities of the town or city hosting the event. Earlier this year the Labour party conference held at the ACC Liverpool…

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Venues around the UK

Later this autumn we will embark on a roadshow that involves visiting approximately 30 towns and cities around the country; going north to Newcastle and Middlesbrough, west to Liverpool and Exeter, east to Peterborough and Norwich and south to Crawley and Southampton. Dublin, Belfast and Cardiff are also part of the tour. Unlike some of…