Why is technology now a key element for engagement at events?

We may be in the day in age where chucking fancy tech at an event without a pure understanding of how it will be used, who will use it and what it will actually do seems to be a common thing. We at Blackberry Productions know that it’s about using the right kind of tech for the right type of event for the right type of client.

We have put together a list of event technologies that we deem to enhance engagement at any event.

Event apps

First up and at the top of our list is the humble event app. We have developed and implemented mobile apps in our events over the past few years and know that the modern-day event is a multi-channel event, where attendees enjoy using the devices in their pockets for a ‘on the go’ experience. Developing an event app enables attendees to access their personal agendas in one touch of a button.

Although there will always be the odd attendees that are precious about the paper packs and enjoy carrying around a load of paper at an event, an event app makes it easier for attendees to access all event information and even do that little bit extra such as 1&1 messaging, post on the events live feed and social feed, participate in live speaker Q&A sessions and polling. All of these prompt attendees to be more engaged at an event and enables you to analyse the online behavior of your attendees e.g. What are the key features being used and what the behavioral trends are. This can help identify what keeps your attendees engaged for future insight.

Virtual Reality 

It appears that nobody can escape the world of virtual reality, especially not the events industry. This time last year VR was an upcoming trend and now we are seeing it hit the industry at a vast pace. We have seen some incredible applications of VR and we believe it’s one of the most immersive ways to engage attendees at an event by showcasing futuristic views of products or services at exhibitions and it enables you to bring the biggest of scenes into the smallest of places – which is extremely great for product launches and conferences too as it allows you to embrace the opportunity to reveal something that couldn’t be achieved in real life to a broad target audience.

Check out this example of how you can keep attendees engaged at an event by designing virtual simulations with the use of props.

Augmented Reality  

Augmented reality can allow attendees to garner more fulfilling experiences by just using their smartphones or tablets. It’s used to animate something to make the content look real on the display of your device. We have seen the popularity in AR since Pokémon Go, the Cadbury bar augmented reality game and of course Snap chat which currently has around 166 million daily users worldwide.

AR can expand on what information attendees see as they hover over objects with their device. This is great for exhibitions and product launches where you are limited with space or have large crowds that you must keep engaged and showcase the same thing to each attendee. They can simply get out their smart device and explore all the information available to them in a more efficient and engaging way.

See how the car retailer Volkswagen uses AR to engage it’s audience.


There’s nothing new with gamification being used at events, from engaging attendees to educating them, event technologies allow attendees to become more engaged than ever by incorporating both digital and print platforms. Games can be designed to encourage networking, act as an ice breaker and take attendees through a journey process of your choice. Posters and signs with scannable QR codes can be placed at various locations at an event, allowing attendees to scan the code for clues about where to go next. Digital score boards can be placed around the event to drive competitiveness among the event, this can also sync back to the bespoke event mobile app.

Check out this example of how gamification is used at a set of traffic lights to engage walkers when crossing the road while the lights are on green:

For us, it’s not about having fancy event technologies that takes up all the budget, it’s really about enhancing the engagement journey for attendees and leaving them feeling amazed and wowed – making your event a talked about event long after the event has ended and with the digital landscape continuing to develop, event tech is the perfect way to keep attendees engaged before, during and after your event.

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