Roadshow Event Management

Roadshows - UK wide, multi-location

Multi-location events travelling the length and breadth of the UK is one of our specialities, although each event is broadly similar in content and participants, each venue location brings its own set of logistics that requires managing. In the last 12 months our teams have been to over 100 venues from Sunderland to Southampton, Belfast and Dublin, Glasgow and Cardiff.

No Two Roadshow Events Are The Same & Equally Neither Is An Event Company

In an ideal world you would arrange a roadshow on a geographic basis running events back to back on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to maximise equipment hire costs and minimise weekend travel / hotel accommodation. But we don’t live or work in an ideal world and so planning and delivering of a series of roadshow based events takes on a unique complexity.

A combination of venue and event speaker availability will primarily dictate the sequence of the roadshow programme however client preferences may also influence the dates and in which order the roadshow goes to which locations.

Sometimes it is worth considering whether it is possible to split the project and using two or more sets of event crew, equipment and speakers to run events simultaneously. This can be an effective roadshow management plan where it is necessary to get a message out to a dispersed audience in a relatively short period of time.

The people logistics related to a roadshow series of events is not to be underestimated. Booking hotel accommodation, arranging travel and local staffing and confirming the details with key event participants is time consuming, particularly so when dates and locations are changed, which they will do. This activity requires both time and meticulous attention to detail.