Delegate Management


Attendees, participants, guests, invited audience, delegates or whatever you prefer to call the people attending your event they are one of if not the most important group that will have a major influence in determining how successful your event is judged to be.

It pays therefore to devote a significant amount of time and effort in making sure that their experience is as positive as it can be.

Delegation or attendee management is one of the core disciplines of event management but sadly not one that some event organisers pay enough attention to.

You know how you feel when you see your name spelled incorrectly on a piece of direct mail or on check in at a hotel or similar.

Well that’s how your invited audience feel when they collect their name badge at your registration desk or their personalised itinerary carries an incorrect name.

Collecting personal data for the purposes of people attending events requires effective systems and processes but also a knowledge of the legislation governing the protection of personal sensitive data as determined by the Data Protection Act 1998.

There are a myriad of delegate management systems available to event organisers.

The fitness for purpose of each system will largely be determined by the nature and complexity of the event being managed.

For some straightforward events, name, email address and special requirements are all that is required to register people to attend an event.

For more complex events and those requiring payment to be made to book a place / ticket a system with a proven and secure payment gateway is required.

At the top end of the registration systems pyramid are those systems that can cater for detailed bookings that include travel options, accommodation, session options, dinners and trips and other event related activities.

Using either the booking systems communication tools and / or social media channels it may be desirable to send your audience intermediate communications to build the anticipation in the run up to the event itself.

As a minimum however we recommend that no more than two weeks before the event but not less than one week the audience is sent reminder details of the event that includes how to get to the venue by various means of transport, key timings and links to other helpful information.

On arrival at the venue the hand over from delegate / attendee management to front of house logistics takes place where the respective teams organise the most effective way of enabling people registered to attend the event easy access to the event itself.

Post event the delegate management team will take responsibility for the delegate evaluation and feedback process ensuring that those event participants that want to let us know their thoughts on the event can do so and we can feed their collective thoughts back to the client.