Conference Event Management

Conferences 50 - 3,000

Conference Event Management Examples

An intimate half yearly company internal communications event for 60 people at Leicester Tigers rugby stadium, a one day communications expo event for 800 delegates at the Copperbox arena on the London Olympic park and a week long leadership conference with exhibition for around 2,000 people at the ICC Birmingham are just three of the conference style events that we have managed in the last 12 months.

There is no off the shelf package for conference and event management. Every event is different and for any number of reasons. The location, the numbers, the duration are usually different but even when they are broadly similar one thing always changes, the purpose and objectives of the event.

Taking time to understand the aims of the conference or event, making sure they are measurable and working with the client team to agree the project boundaries is central to our approach.

Working with a new or different client team also presents challenges. People usually have a preferred way of working. We see it as part of our job to create a team of people that you will be comfortable working with.

And of course there is the budget. No conference or event manager ever feels that they have a big enough budget. The challenge is to think creatively and develop alternative cost effective ways to deliver the objectives and desired outcomes of the event.

Conference event management is a dynamic process managing a broad range of different event styles and formats. It is this diversity that makes each project new and interesting to work on and why those that work in the industry enjoy it so much.

No Two Events Are The Same & Equally Neither Is An Event Company