Train to Teach roadshow for National College for Teaching and Leadership

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It is widely reported that recruiting teachers is increasingly challenging not least because of the competitive graduate jobs market. With around 450,000 qualified teachers in England around 10% of that number join the profession each year with a similar number leaving (including retirement).

Set against a backdrop of a 600,000 increase in pupil numbers in the next five years and a demographic dip in the number of graduates in their early 20’s the Government need to recruit a higher proportion of all graduates just to stand still.

Train to Teach is a roadshow series of events comprising full day ‘national’ and half day ‘regional’ events taking place in strategic towns and cities across England. Commencing in January 2014 the roadshow offers potential teaching candidates a broad range of information gathering opportunities from ‘just thinking about it’ to ‘how do I commence training’.

Candidates are able to ‘drop in’ to any event at any time regardless of whether they have pre-registered or not. On arrival at the event they have a range of options to choose from including talking to a practising teacher to a one to one with an expert teacher recruitment adviser.

Approximately 20,000 candidates have attended over 100 individual events including graduates, people looking to change career and former teachers exploring a return to the profession.

All visitors to the event programme are included in a CRM database and receive follow up marketing and guidance information.