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Why you need an event management company


Planning an Event Planning an event┬ácan be an incredibly stressful time, particularly for large events or ones whose success or failure will have dramatic consequences. There are many factors to consider, many of which are not immediately apparent to the first-time planner. In these cases, as with most events in fact, it is recommended to…

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Why event planning is so important


When holding an event of any kind, proper planning is crucial to ensure its success. A poorly organised event can be of more damage to the reputation of a business or organisation than having no event at all. Planning encompasses all aspects of the event, from its initial conception and idea generation stage through to…

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Planning a successful event


Have you ever tried planning and managing an event yourself? If you have then you’ll know just how much work and preparation goes into making it a roaring success. Events are never easy no matter how big or small they may be. To make an event a real success you need to pay close attention…

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A-Z guide for choosing the best live events agency;


We expect you to ask us some tough questions before trusting us to help you manage your important event. So we strive to ask ourselves the same questions on a regular basis. Here is our guide to selecting the right live events management agency. Attitude: Have they a real determination to make your planned event…

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7 things your event agency should ask you…


What any event management company should do At a recent networking event I was talking to a communications manager when the conversation turned to just what does an event management company do that the client team can’t do themselves, given the time and people. The first few points were easy; professional events companies will have…

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Differentiating live communications:


The vast majority of people I meet in the live communications and events industry are passionate about what they do. Most conference organisers proudly confess to being that ‘control freak’ that everyone expects them to be, the consummate organiser, prepared to work 18 hours a day to make sure the project is perfect and the…

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Our Guide to managing your event


You’ve decided that hosting an event is the right way to engage with your audience. Whether it is for business, social, entertainment or recognition your event is going to communicate important messages about you, your business, your brand and your reputation. Before doing anything else there will be a strong temptation to get a date…

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