Small Events Agency, bigger personal touch?

It seems reasonable to believe that what most characterizes a small events agency over a larger one is the notion of a ‘personal touch’ – building a relationship with the client making them feel as though their event is as important to their event planner as it is to them. This, according to Rachel Hobson (the head of events for BAE Systems Applied Intelligence), is a crucial step towards having trust between the agency and the client. How can you trust someone to know intrinsically what you need at your event when they don’t know you at all? A small events agency is concerned with developing a relationship to ensure a greater likelihood of being chosen for future events, and this shows in the level of detail they bring to the events pitches.

Despite this, the smaller agency continues to find that it needs to prove itself every step of the way. The natural instinct of a client could be to choose the tried and tested bigger agency, seemingly a more secure option. So what can the smaller agency do to prove to the client that they are the better alternative? One of the most important deciding factors according to, head of events at AXA Insurance Dawn Severn is the level of detail that the agency can give in a pitch. The smaller agency needs to play to its strengths and show themselves knowledgeable having done their research into what the client wants in their event. The deep understanding of the client’s objectives they will gain from this will allow them to offer an advanced strategy which proves a conscientious and committed attitude towards the event.

Blackberry & Lime

Our weekly eshot Blackberry and Lime is sent to a mailing list including potential and existing clients. It’s designed to ensure that, although small we are at the forefront of the minds of clients and always a viable contender when the pitch list is compiled. Heads of events like Severn and Hobson at major corporations don’t automatically go for larger agencies because of their impersonal nature, which proves that the relationship formed between the client and the agency is far more important than the scale of the agency itself. To end on a cliche, the phrase ‘quality not quantity’ should be kept in mind by any agency pitching to a client – the more you get to know them and the company, the safer the client will feel in your hands whilst proving yourself able, to rival the large agencies.

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