Planning a successful event

Have you ever tried planning and managing an event yourself?

If you have then you’ll know just how much work and preparation goes into making it a roaring success. Events are never easy no matter how big or small they may be. To make an event a real success you need to pay close attention to every detail and it is always advisable to have a clear plan set out for your event. Event managers and specialists are trained in event planning and can offer your event real benefits as well as giving you peace of mind to enjoy the event.

There are a few key things to consider when it comes to planning an event including;

Set the budget – Setting the budget is key otherwise you can find that the costs begin to spiral out of control. Be realistic about your budget and stick to it.

Set the date and time – If your event is to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary then you may already have the date in mind. If not then try to choose a suitable date that allows you enough time to prepare the event.

Find the perfect venue – The venue is a big part of planning your event. It needs to be ideally located for those you are inviting so travelling is limited. It also needs to be the right size, too big and it could make your event appear empty but too small could have everyone sandwiched into a room.

Plan the guest lists – It is best to make a complete guest list so that you do not miss anybody out when it comes to sending the invitations.

Arrange entertainment – All events have some kind of entertainment. It is rare to attend an event where everyone is just sitting around and talking. Whether it is a live band, DJ or speaker, you need to consider how you’re going to keep your guests entertained.

Plan and send invitations – Give your guests enough notice so they can attend your event. Ask guests to RSVP.

Arrange audio and visuals – Some venues will do this for you or possibly the entertainment you have hired but be careful not to forget about it altogether.

Arrange catering and drinks – If the venue you have selected do not offer this service then you will need to consider using an outside catering company.

Arrange staff – Again if the venue does not supply staff then this is something else you will need to source.

Manage RSVP’s – Make sure you keep on top of your RSVP’s so that you can keep an eye on your totals. Those who cannot attend need to be removed from the guest list and if possible replaced to keep the numbers up.

Set up the venue – On the day of your event you will need to visit the venue to arrange the set up so that everything is done as you directed. You may have formal seating plans or it may be a more relaxed seating arrangement.

Conference organisers and event management agencies can take care of all of the above. They will meet with you to understand exactly what you want to achieve from your event. And once that has been decided they will work to plan and achieve your vision whilst constantly updating you throughout the process. Think about how stressful the above points can be and then think about hiring a professional event management agency to take care of them for you. You can clearly see why an investment in employing event companies is money well spent!

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