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Why is technology now a key element for engagement at events?

Event technologies blogphoto

We may be in the day in age where chucking fancy tech at an event without a pure understanding of how it will be used, who will use it and what it will actually do seems to be a common thing. We at Blackberry Productions know that it’s about using the right kind of tech…

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We are looking for a dedicated Conference and Events Assistant!

Conference and events assistant

We are looking for a dedicated Conference and Events Assistant Job description: An opportunity exists for an enthusiastic Event Manager to kick start their career, working with a small team of highly experienced conference and event management professionals. The role is offered on an initial six month contract basis, with a possible option to extend,…

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Blackberry Productions at The Meetings Show 2017

The Meetings Show

On Wednesday 14th June. We attended The Meetings Show 2017. Check out our vlog to see what we got up to at the event… We feel it’s important to come to these types of events to keep up to date with the latest event technologies and suppliers. Also to keep up to date with key…

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Event technology – Meet our new Digital Content Producer!

event technology 1

We are expanding our digital services- Meet Nick! With an increased amount of companies looking for the right event technology to enhance both their event and the attendee experience, there are more and more tech start-ups emerging into the market. We’ve provided digital services to our clients for many of years, like delegate management systems, audience…

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Event evaluation – 4 Pillars of Successful Events

event evaluation

Event evaluation is a vital part to consider and must be apart of your event strategy when organizing an event as what you want to evaluate and how you want to evaluate it needs to be considered and implemented throughout the whole process. It’s not just about about collecting numbers when considering event evaluation, it’s…

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Event organizing – 4 Pillars of Successful Events

Event planning - date time and location

Event organizing – Think about Date, Time & Location Pillar 3 is about Date, Time & Location. Thinking about your target audience, the right time of day, the right day of the week and the right place to host an event is something that is frequently overlooked by people who are organizing an event. It…

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Event design – 4 Pillars of Successful Events

event design brainstorm

Event design: what to think about… Pillar 2 is about event design. This is an important process to think about when creating a highly successful event. It’s not always about how an event looks and feels, although it could be, but more about considering the needs and expectations of those attending an event. It is…

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Event objectives – 4 Pillars of Successful Events

Event objectives

How to create a highly successful event We have created a series of Vlogs which explain our 4 Pillars of designing a highly successful event. Whether if it’s if you are in need of organizing a conference event, roadshow, an awards dinner/ceremony or a product launch, this first pillar is a great way to start. So, first up…

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Our Top 4 key technology trends changing the future of events.

Event technology

This week we have been reading a lot of interesting posts about event technology and how it is changing the industry so we thought we would talk about our current favorites… As we know, technology is changing our everyday lives, from the way we manage our daily schedules to the way we socialise and the…

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Sustainability: The three pillars of sustainability vlog

The three pillars of sustainability

Sustainability: Our view Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in everyday business life. Watch our very first vlog to hear our thoughts on sustainability and how it was mentioned in the January Conference News publication, the highlights of the 2016 Sustainable Events Summit.  

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