Event Logistics Management

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This is a highly under estimated discipline and an area where event novices and amateurs can and frequently do get caught out.

Logistics is defined as ‘the detailed organisation and implementation of a complex operation’. Other event management definitions refer to the movement of goods from the place of origination to the place of consumption and so if we think of the event participants, the delegates, guests, audience and including the host event team as the ‘moving goods’ it is the logistics manager’s responsibility to ensure their safe and effective movement from the moment they arrive on site to their departure.

We often say that 95% of the event management of a project is completed before the event begins and the final 5% is the delivery of the event. Nowhere is this truer than in the logistics management role.

We have said previously that the people that know the venue best are the venue’s own in-house team. But while they will tend to do what they are asked to do, they are not mind readers. The logistics manager will work with the venue teams to create a detailed plan of exactly what happens where and when with precise timings and requirements. On the day of the event the senior logistics manager will take full responsibility on behalf of the project manager for ensuring that people attending the event are moved around the venue as smoothly and efficiently as possible, that sessions are run on time, that food and beverage is served at the right time and in the right quantities, that room temperatures are at the correct level and that all welcome, registration, information desks are staffed at the right times.

A good logistics manager is capable of military style planning that will make a huge contribution to the delivery of a high quality event participant experience. This is a role not to be underestimated.

The best event management agencies understand that the three core pillars of all successful events are Strategy, Production and Logistics. All three need to be planned with equal importance and attention to detail.


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