Our Top 4 key technology trends changing the future of events.

This week we have been reading a lot of interesting posts about event technology and how it is changing the industry so we thought we would talk about our current favorites…

As we know, technology is changing our everyday lives, from the way we manage our daily schedules to the way we socialise and the way we consume. Here at Blackberry Productions, we see this as an opportunity to incorporate this into the events we create. Here are our top 4 technology trends emerging into the events industry and how they can benefit your event.

#1 – Mobile Event Apps

Mobile technology is booming and with an estimated 44.9 million smart phone users in the UK, designing an app for your event is a must! Having a personalized event app enables attendees to stay connected and engaged. Designing an app for mobiles and tablets allows people to check-in, share photos and content across social media, connect with friends and find out information about event schedule, QR scanning can also be implemented to help the download process. The more entertained a person is, the more engaged they will be at the event.

You can also use this as a measurement tool to track the user’s activity and generate big data to help tailor content post event. Bare in mind that event apps are not for every event and you must ensure you have a mobile strategy in place to ensure the reasons for having an app is implemented in the design of the app.

#2 – Virtual Reality Event tech

Our current favorite event tech is VR. Virtual Reality has been a hot topic within the events industry for a while now and finally we are now seeing it being implemented. VR is designed to create virtual situations for the user and place them in a virtual environment with the use of immense graphics, convincing you that it is real. Attendees are becoming younger so event organisers will need to engage and entertain their audience.

Many organisations use VR to showcase a futuristic view of their products and services allowing their audience to view, walk and explore a virtual display of what it would look like. This is a great opportunity to be used at exhibitions, product launches, concerts and the list doesn’t stop there!

Check out how the retailer Topshop used VR to launch their new clothing collection by showcasing their catwalk to its consumers

#3 – Artificial Intelligence

In 2011, we saw the launch of Siri – an intelligent personal assistant created by Apple. Although there were other devices out their such as satnavs and other knowledge navigation systems, this was the start of something big.

Today, we see the market expanding and have been introduced to the voices of Alexa (by Amazon) and Cortana (by Microsoft). This is a huge opportunity for the events industry as devices can be designed to enhance the experience of an event. Envision having an intelligent personal assistant whilst you are attending an event to help you with any questions you may have such as where to park, questions about the schedule, and if a person you know is attending the event and even being able to locate them for you – Amazing!

Check out this panel discussion by Event Tech Live

#4 – 3D Printing

3D printing allows organisations to design, customize and develop their products at exhibitions, product launches and even produce mechanise in real time, creating a fantastic experience for their audience. Consumers love to personalise and it helps them connect with a brand. By incorporating 3D printing into events, it enables attendees to interact personally with the event and participate in the event.

Here’s an example of how 3D printing works and how it can create engagement

The only glitch with these event tech trends is that technology can sometimes be unreliable and requires good internet coverage. We at Blackberry Productions look forward to incorporating technology into our daily lives and the events we create.

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