event management skills: Attention to detail

An event planner or coordinator will have many responsibilities such as fundraising, promotion, and recruitment of staff and general event management. There are many times that you may have a staff or committee to assist you with this as well as times when all the functions will be yours alone to undertake.

In every case, it is essential that you have an event managment strategy and very attentive to the fine details as this is important in terms of allowing you to keep control of all the activities that will have to be done for the event. This requires you as an individual to be organised if the others around you are to excel in their activities.

Everyone has their own way of organising their work. Discipline about carrying out planned activities is at the centre of making sure you are effective and that you are able to control those around you to achieve success. Emphasis on meeting deadlines and working towards targets that are set has to be built into the operating practices of an event planner and that determination to meet objectives and deadlines must be communicated to those around you who are also responsible for any event tasks that you are attempting to manage.


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Personal Organisation

Personal organisation requires discipline. Personal organisation means identifying activities that need to be done, and ensuring that they are done. It requires detailed planning, outlining the activities to be completed and then working to get them done on time, while operating to achieve any goals that have been set. Being organised requires planning and implementation of those plans and you tend to get better at this with practice. You must decide that it is important to stick to all the deadlines that have been imposed and to follow the plans you have made in a disciplined manner.

It also helps to make use of many software programs that can assist you in areas such as keeping accounts, notes, diaries entries etc…, which come with programs such as those that are part of Microsoft Office. These make life easier in terms of aiding you to be organized in your activities. However at the end of the day it still comes down to personal discipline, on your part to ensure that all that has to be done is finished on scheduled.

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