event management skills:

Be a manager and a team player

Being an event management coordinators means you have to get work done through others. No one person can do all the activities for any event all themselves. In order to get the best out of those assigned to work with you; you will need good leadership skills so that you are able to take charge of event planning activities.

Many times you may be part of or in charge of a committee, which will mean that you will have to be able to work in groups and also be able to motivate the group members to get the job done as required.

When working on a project alone, decision making is essentially yours in consultation with your client and their wishes. When working in groups, the view points of others have to be taken into consideration and individuals must learn the ability to work with other committee members, be able to compromise where necessary and work with group members to make sure that planning and implementation for the event is effective.


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Finding The Balance

For some of us, group work is very difficult as the urge for things to be done your way, makes compromising and consensus building a struggle. The important thing to remember is that while in some situations a task can only be done one way; in other circumstances there is always more than one way to complete a task. If committee members want to choose a path that you would not for a given task, it does not mean it would not be completed in the appropriate manner.

It is important to understand that sometimes you have to allow people to do things their way, so long as the end result is what is in the best interests of the event. This helps to develop the talents of committee members and create a group with different abilities and skills sets, which would be assets in varying circumstances, where the group needs to work as a unit to get things done. The ability to work in groups and committees is important as large events will usually mean operating as part of a planning committee. Major events require organizing and planning on a large scale, which will necessitate group work, so as to be able to stage the event.

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