Event Planner Skills: Creativity and Vision

Creativity & Vision – Event Management

Creativity and vision is needed to help you in your event management planning. To conceptualize and plan what the event will be about and what the overall goals of the event will be. Success for any event is going to be measured by achieving the goals that have been set out for the event. Several questions have to be answered as you endeavor to decide about the proposed event:

  • What type of event should be organized?
  • Should you attempt the event?
  • What will be the cost and will you attract enough people and money to successfully stage the event.


The type of event will depend on the demands of the client. That responsibility to conceptualize the event may be given to you by your client and it may then be necessary for you to come up with ideas for the event which then will be approved by your client. In other circumstances, the concept may be communicated to you by your clients, and then it would be up to you to decide what the goals and objectives should be for the event, based on the concept of your client.

You also have to decide whether to attempt to go ahead with the event. In this regard, the overall cost of the event, whether you have enough finance to pay for the event, if you have enough time to plan and prepare for the event; these are important questions that need to be answered. Ultimately you have to decide if the goals and objectives for the event can be met within the finances and time available to you and this will determine if and how, you decide to proceed with the event. If finances, logistics and time will not allow you to produce the event as is conceptualized, then this should be communicated clearly to the client so that viable alternatives can be considered. It makes no sense agreeing to something that you know is not feasible when you are faced with several constraints, which could affect your preparations for the event.

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