Is Event Planning for you?

Is Event Management For You?

The realities of event management planning can at times be very harsh as well as being very rewarding. They are many challenges that have to be faced in terms of preparation for an event but the satisfaction that can be gained from the successful staging of the event can in itself make the challenges worth it.

is event planning for you?

Some of the potential drawbacks include:

  • Concurrent projects – remember that you may be working on different projects in different stages of planning all at the same time. This is one of the reasons why discipline, along with good organizational and planning skills need to be developed by an event organizer.
  • Very l-o-n-g hours – as most of your work day will be spent in planning meetings and site meetings, which may mean that much of the paper work will have to be done after hours.
  • Last minute decisions and changes that may be demanded by clients or situational changes that may occur. As related earlier, this means the event planner has to have the ability to react and make adjustments as demanded by the circumstances or by the client.
  • Unrealistic deadlines – that may be imposed by clients as to when activities have to occur. When faced with such demands event planners have to be willing to point out when such deadlines cannot be met, and be creative enough to offer alternatives to get the job done.
  • Demanding and difficult clients who make constant changes to what has been decided or who insist on being consulted about every detail. Human nature cannot be helped with such individuals, but an event organizer has to learn to cope with such demanding individuals.
  • Working through people – which can prove to be very challenging at times as everyone has different operating practices that may not necessarily gel with your own way of planning activities.
  • Frustration accompanied by the satisfaction of a job well done.

You need to be able to handle the realities of event planning as they occur. This is not to say that all is negative concerning event planning, as there is great personal satisfaction to be gained from successfully staging an event. The praise and gratification that will come from a job well done can more than compensate for some of the inconveniences you may face in planning for and executing the event.


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