Initial Planning Meeting

Initial Planning Meeting For Event Management

At your initial planning meeting for event management, the concept of the event should be discussed and agreed to. The major activities that have to be done to stage the event should be outlinedInitial Planning Meeting for Events management and delegated to committee members so that research into the necessary activities and possible problem areas can begin. The overall goal of the event should also be discussed and be clear, to all involved so that efforts would be focused on formulating and implementing plans to achieve the stated objectives of the event.


It is from these activities that at subsequent meetings, the time deadlines and costs can be ascertained so that everyone can be clear as to whether the event can be held as planned and within the time frame desired, and the appropriate decisions made as to how to proceed with plans for the staging of the event.

Research options based on budget

A budget will have to be drawn up for the event with the committee members reporting on the resources needed in relation to their assigned areas, the costs involved and using this information to decide if the event can proceed within your budgeted funds or if sponsorship or some other form of fund raising will be required to meet your financial obligations. Committee members that have been assigned different tasks for the event must investigate various cost options for required resources for their task areas, so that alternatives will be available for consideration by the planning committee. This will allow decisions to be made in relation to the most cost effective source for resources necessary to stage the event.

Submit proposal to client for approval

If planning the event for a client, the information gathered should be submitted in a proposal to the client for final approval, detailing the costs, basic event details and any other issues that need to be addressed. This should be submitted to the client before final approval is given to proceed with the event. Once this is done and the go ahead is given, you are ready to begin you search in earnest for a location to stage the event.

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