What are the deadlines?

Event Management – What are the Deadlines?

Deadlines for the major activities must be set to ensure that those assigned complete their tasks within the required time frame. To assist with this, an event managment planning schedule or critical path document can be developed for the event. Tasks and the time limits for each task should be listed in these documents and used to ensure that all concerned keep to the planned limits and schedule of activities.Initial Planning Meeting For Event Management

Another way of developing the critical path schedule is by the use of flow charts. These diagrams can be drawn to show the key areas of activities and the relationship they have with each other. This is done by illustrating their timing and position, in a flow chart that is developed for any given set of activities related to an event.

The key to preparing planning schedules is to ensure that you list, all of the key activities that must be done for the event in the order that they will have to be done and in the process of doing this you should also assign dates for critical tasks to be completed. These dates should be adhered to ensure that everything is done in a timely fashion for the event. Remember this is an ongoing process and many of these activities and deadline dates will be adjusted as the event draws nearer or as circumstances warrant.

The names of the individuals responsible for these tasks can also be incorporated into these documents once these individuals have been identified. This allows planners to know who will be responsible for ensuring that various tasks related to the event are carried out as required.

Are you able to produce a quality event based on your client’s needs, within the timeline and budget?

Before going any further, you should decide, either yourself or in your committee whether given the amount of funds you have on hand, and the commitments for finance that you have acquired along with the time constraints that you have been given, whether the event can be held as planned.

Realistically if this cannot be done, then alterations must be made to your plans to accommodate or alter the present situation, and if there is a need to delay or cancel the event, then that decision should be made. If clients have to be told this then do so, as it is better to ensure that the reality of a situation is understood by the client and let them decide what needs to be done, rather than trying to deliver on something that you know realistically, is not feasible, given budget constraints and the planning time frame involved.

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