Event organising – 4 Pillars of Successful Events

Event organizing – Think about Date, Time & Location

Pillar 3 is about Date, Time & Location. Thinking about your target audience, the right time of day, the right day of the week and the right place to host an event is something that is frequently overlooked by people who are organizing an event. It is ever so easy to choose the wrong date, time and location and end up with lower audience numbers that you planned your event for. You must take into consideration key trends and ensure research is conducted and analyzed before selecting the date, time and location for your event to ensure there are neither any internal or external factors effecting the attendees of your event.

When event organizing, in addition to the time and day of the week, the choice of venue is also important. You must consider the accessibility of the venue and that it is convenient for the attendees of the event. So whether if it’s if you are planning a conference for a corporate event, a roadshow event, an awards dinner or a product launch, these factors are extremely important.

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Pillar 4: Evaluation

Next week we will finalize our 4 Pillars to creating highly successful events. The fourth Pillar will cover Evaluation. Check back next week to view our final vlog of the 4 Pillar series and to understand why evaluation is the final pillar to creating a highly successful event.

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