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Organising an event can be difficult, especially when you need to source a venue, produce graphic designs and find staff. By hiring an event management company in London, you can feel as ease knowing your event is in an experts hands.


At Blackberry Productions we are one of the leading event management companies in London and across the UK. Our dedicated London event management team strive to deliver our clients with an event that not only reaches their expectations but exceeds them. As one of the leading corporate events companies London, we work with our clients to understand their brand, business, ethos and product in order to provide you with an event that showcases your company and leaves your guests feeling event closer to your brand.


Here at Blackberry Productions, we understand that your event is important for not only showcasing your product or service but for raising awareness of your brand and in turn attracting new clients. Whether you are hosting a dinner, exhibiting a new product or even having a Christmas party, our team, who provide expert event management in London, are based within our corporate events agency and pair your ideas with their proficiency in order to create an event that clients and staff enjoy.

Industry Knowledge:

We believe it is vital to have well developed industry knowledge in order to provide the best event possible.

At Blackberry Productions we have over 25 years of experience in event planning and event management in London. Our knowledgeable team of event managers have created events in a range venues and industries ensuring they attend to your needs from start to finish.

One quality we take pride in is our ability to adapt. Due to the amount of venues across London, everyone is different. Our team can analyse the chosen venue and tailor your event to this in order to create the best event achievable.

Management from start to finish:

When planning and managing your event, we ensure we are with you every step the way. Our services range from sourcing a venue to managing the event on the day as well as ensuring all your guests are comfortable and fully attended to.

We include every aspect in our event management in London including liaising with all vendors, organising branded d├ęcor and ensuring there is accessibility to the internet for guests.

One aspect we always consider when managing your event is your budget. We help keep your event within your budget and make sure we are efficient in everything we do.

For more information on our event management services, you can contact our London event agency office on 01527 306236.

We go the extra mile:

At Blackberry Productions, we treat your business as if its our own. We understand how important your event is and therefore ensure put measures in place to ensure everything runs perfectly. Our team at our London event agency are always on hand to answer any questions you have so you always know the stage your event is at. As well as this we ensure we are on hand on the day of your event so we can handle any management queries straight away.


Our events company London aim to create an event that best reflects the message you are trying to portray. We work with yourselves to understand the key aim of your event and create shared goals in order to deliver an event that has a strong message behind it.

So when searching for event companies in London, contact Blackberry Productions on 01527 306236.

At our London event agency, we specialise in a variety of services that all contribute towards the execution to your event. Our event production and management services include:

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