Dream Toys is an annual event hosted by the Toy Retailers Association to announce the industry’s official prediction of the forthcoming Christmas’s best-selling toys. The list is revealed at a media launch event held at St Mary’s church, Marylebone, London.
The event design and production brief is to create a Christmas environment that provides a platform for showcasing the toys to the invited media audience. It is vital that the toys remain the stars of the show and not the environment.
The environment design incorporates four main components including a central top toys feature, category areas, toy manufacturers exhibition and stage display area. This format provides multiple points of engagement for journalists and media.
With close to 3,500 mentions across online, print, broadcast and social media the coverage is estimated to have a reach to a potential audience of over 1.5 billion and an equivalent estimated publicity value of over £10 million.
On the day of the event participating toy industry suppliers have an opportunity to engage with journalists and industry opinion formers to promote their brands and key business messages.

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