Developing future generations of event professionals

New apprenticeship programme for aspiring event professionals

C&IT magazine recently announced the event industry’s Trailblazer Scheme has received final government approval to become the first fully approved apprenticeship programme for event professionals, meaning apprentices can be hired from January 2017.

There has been a lot of discussion across our industry sectors about our professionalism, our standards and the quality of our people so this is a big moment for events in the UK.

The event management industry had been tasked by the central government to address apprenticeships and to develop a professional and creditable scheme to provide access to more diverse talent to event businesses right across the country. This means that future event professionals can have a more hands on approach to becoming qualified rather than taking the academic route.

The launch of the scheme means that agencies can now engage with a series of training providers to discuss how they can partner with businesses and support both employers and apprentices.

The other area of related debate is whether new entrants to the event management industry benefit from 3 year’s academic study leading to a degree level qualification?

We have extensive experience over many years of employing students for their 48 week work experience placement following which after graduation welcoming them back as full time employees as they take their first step onto the event management career ladder.

Conversely, we have recruited people into the business who have relevant organisation and planning skills or experience of organising events but without a formal degree level qualification.

Is there a difference? Yes!

University schooled events graduates bring with them a broad range of exposure to different types of event formats and providing they have been diligent usually a good amount of practical work experience albeit at a basic level.

Those recruits without formal degree level qualifications typically bring a higher level of maturity, life and business awareness skills which graduates have to quickly learn.

However. the bottom line is always enthusiasm for the industry. We can teach people all they need to know but it is their enthusiasm for learning and hard work that ultimately determines their success.







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