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Whether your audience is external or internal, accurate delegate management and data base management are one of the most important processes when planning an event. Managing your attendee͛s personal data to ensure it͛s kept accurate and secure is vital to making your guests feel thought about and attended for. Blackberry Productions can manage your delegates from start to finish, from the very first registration all the way to event evaluation. We can provide an online delegate management system for your event that can register your delegates an obtain important information such as contact details, dietary information, hotel accommodate and much more!

Obtaining this information and ensuring it is up to date allows you to create a personalised itinerary for each of your guests which means your can tailor the event to their desired needs. We coordinate all communication with guests, from initial ͚we͛ve set the date͛ correspondence all the way through to invitations, joining instructions, hotel accommodation, masterclass and workshop sessions and evaluation.

We care about all the data we process – that͛s why we look after it as if it were our own. We will only use data for the purpose of the event and we will only process data where we have permission. With over 25 years of event planning experience our approach is to work in partnership with you to allow you to free up time for what͛s most important to you.

Our other event management Services include:

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