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No Two Corporate Events Management Companies Are The Same!

It’s always an interesting exercise to ask a group of people what they understand by the term ‘corporate’, as in corporate events management, a corporate event agency or of being, looking or feeling corporate, either too much or not enough.

Certain industry players will differentiate between corporate and agency, the former being in-house organisers and the latter being generically event management of event planning agencies.

Perhaps the simplest definition of corporate is that of ‘relating to a large company’ but that raises the question how do we define large? But that would be digressing.

Types of events that could be described as corporate events include:

  • Conferences, conventions and congress
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Award ceremonies
  • Product launches and trade exhibitions

Each event type above will have widely differing aims and objectives and in some cases require different skills sets to design, manage and deliver the successful planning and management of the event.

However, managing corporate events all have one thing in common.

According to Dr Elling Hamso, director at the Event ROI Institute; ‘Clear objectives and good meeting design is essential to deliver Return on Investment (ROI) from any event.’

Clear and measurable objectives speak for themselves. If there is a lack of clarity as to the aims and purpose of the event and the desired outcomes how can the event be robustly evaluated to judge its success?

Managing and planning corporate events with clear objectives provides the event management team with guidelines to steer the development and delivery of the event and a rationale for effective decision taking.

Most experienced corporate event managers would agree that creating an event follows a fairly predictable process albeit with the occasional unpredictable twists and turns as the project plan evolves.

After establishing the event strategy, aims and objectives the following phases / activities are carried out:

  • Conceptualising themes and ideas for the event – developing the ideas and themes that will guide the direction and planning for your event.
  • Coordination of details, people and resources to ensure that all that is needed for the event and the personnel to carry out the required tasks are in place.
  • Monitoring of budgets and deadlines to keep event costs under control and make sure that the event plans stay on schedule and within budget.
  • On-site event management on the day(s) of the event, appointing a site manager where necessary to manage the event site and to oversee preparations for the event.
  • Evaluation and follow up after the event has taken place.

There is much planning and management to do to organise a high quality corporate event and time is a valuable commodity. Good project management is therefore key to successful event management.


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