What do you do?

This is a frequently asked question, not just at networking groups and ice breaker sessions at events but also socially by friends and family.

So you’d think that the vast majority of us would have an easy, clear and concise response apart from I’m an accountant or a designer or a conference organiser which doesn’t really tell people very much.

This is a question we regularly ask ourselves. After a few frivolous and amusing thoughts, we start really testing the question by applying the 3 Why’s technique developed as 5 Why’s by Sakichi Toyoda and used within the Toyota Motor Corporation, modified by Ricardo Semler at Semco where “three whys” is practiced more broadly to cover goal setting and decision making.

It is also a technique we use with our clients to uncover the underlying aims and objectives for hosting an event.

The truth is most people don’t really care what you do or even how you do it, but why you do it can make a big difference to whether to buy from one business or another.

What Our Conference Organisers Do

The conversation goes a bit like this….

What do we do?

We are a conference planning and event management agency that utilize talented conference organisers to help our clients plan, organise, and deliver excellent events.

But why?

To make sure that their event is as good as it can be and that their invited audience have an excellent experience.

Yes, but why?

Mmm, well, if the event is a good as it can be and people have a great experience they will remember the messages longer.

Okay but why?

Well, mmm, it’s because, you know… It’s to give people new information and knowledge that helps people improve what they do, and will also improve the overall effectiveness of the service they deliver and the performance of the business they work in.

So, that’s why we do what we do, to help our clients grow their people and their business.




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