Event objectives – 4 Pillars of Successful Events


How to create a highly successful event We have created a series of Vlogs which explain our 4 Pillars of designing a highly successful event. Whether if it’s if you are in need of organizing a conference event, roadshow, an awards dinner/ceremony or a product launch, this first pillar is a great way to start. So, first up…

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P is for Production

Dream Toys

The Mantra of Our Event Production Company Unless you are a real film buff you won’t know who David O. Selznick was or maybe even care. The son of a silent movie producer, he became a blockbusting Hollywood film producer best remembered for the iconic Gone with the Wind (1939), which won 10 Academy Awards…

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Developing future generations of event professionals


New apprenticeship programme for aspiring event professionals C&IT magazine recently announced the event industry’s Trailblazer Scheme has received final government approval to become the first fully approved apprenticeship programme for event professionals, meaning apprentices can be hired from January 2017. There has been a lot of discussion across our industry sectors about our professionalism, our…

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Colourful Events


Deciding Colour Use Through the Event Management Process Colourful events Following some research, The Royal Berkshire, an executive venue in Ascot decided to charge their paint brushes and liven up their meetings rooms after understanding how colour can boost positive and effective outcomes, but what does each colour mean? Green – Is the colour of…

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Growth Mindset


A Fixed Mindset or a Growth Mindset When it comes to success, it’s easy to think that people blessed with brains are inevitably going to leave the rest of us in the dust. But research from Stanford University will change your mind, and your attitude. We have explored the types of Growth Mindset that may…

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What do you do?


This is a frequently asked question, not just at networking groups and ice breaker sessions at events but also socially by friends and family. So you’d think that the vast majority of us would have an easy, clear and concise response apart from I’m an accountant or a designer or a conference organiser which doesn’t…

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Sustainable Events


The Future Environmental & Sustainability Responsibility Of The Conference Organiser The October 2016 edition of Conference News has a feature on sustainability which takes the rather narrow perspective of ‘greening’ the event for the benefit of the environment. The top 5 suggestions for organising a sustainable event include: Travel: focus on reducing travel time and…

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Event Security


Event Organiser arranges the Security! The current round of political party conferences has highlighted the sensitivities of striking the right balance, ensuring an event is robustly secure without overly impacting on the experience of the delegates, the surrounding communities of the town and city and getting the right event organiser can make this happen. Earlier…

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Roadshow Events


Roadshow events are one of our specialties. Later this autumn we will embark on a roadshow that involves visiting approximately 30 towns and cities around the country; going north to Newcastle and Middlesbrough, west to Liverpool and Exeter, east to Peterborough and Norwich and south to Crawley and Southampton. Dublin, Belfast and Cardiff are also…

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