A-Z guide for choosing the best live events agency;

We expect you to ask us some tough questions before trusting us to help you manage your important event. So we strive to ask ourselves the same questions on a regular basis. Here is our guide to selecting the right live events management agency.

Attitude: Have they a real determination to make your planned event the best it can be?

Business: Do they have a good commercial background and understand the business issues?

Creativity: Can they demonstrate the ability to develop highly creative solutions that meet your brief and exceed your expectations?

Detail: Is their work consistently free of errors and thoroughly checked?

Environment: Do they care about environmental issues and reduce waste where possible?

Flair: Is their work beautifully presented?

Goals: Do they really understand what your business needs to achieve?

Heart: Are they passionate about you and your business?

Ideas: Are they proactive as well as reactive?

Journey: Can they grow with you over the longer term?

Knowledge: Do they know your business, your sector and your competitors as they should?

Legacy: Will they leave a long lasting impression on your business?

Measures: Have they committed to setting objectives and being measured against them?

Network: Do they have extensive industry contacts from which to source the best services?

Opportunities: Do they present fresh ideas and suggestions you hadn’t considered before?

Positivity: Will they stay strong when things get difficult?

Questions: Do they ask all the right questions and leave nothing to chance?

Reputation: Are they highly regarded by people who know them?

Services: Do they offer a range of services that meet your needs?

Team: Do they have real demonstrable experience and expertise?

Understanding: Do they really grasp what’s special and unique about your event?

Value: Are their fees transparent and fair?

Winning: Do they demonstrate a desire to be the best?

XRay: Have they an ability to look deeply for challenges and solutions?

Yes: Do they have a positive can do attitude

Zeal: Do they have the energy and enthusiasm to genuinely deliver your objectives?

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide on what to look for when trying to find a live events agency, why not click the contact us tab and see how we can help you with your events today!

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