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What do you do?


This is a frequently asked question, not just at networking groups and ice breaker sessions at events but also socially by friends and family. So you’d think that the vast majority of us would have an easy, clear and concise response apart from I’m an accountant or a designer or a conference organiser which doesn’t…

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Sustainable Events

Green Leaf Symbol

The Future Environmental & Sustainability Responsibility Of The Conference Organiser The October 2016 edition of Conference News has a feature on sustainability which takes the rather narrow perspective of ‘greening’ the event for the benefit of the environment. The top 5 suggestions for organising a sustainable event include: Travel: focus on reducing travel time and…

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Event Security

Security Guard

Event Organiser arranges the Security! The current round of political party conferences has highlighted the sensitivities of striking the right balance, ensuring an event is robustly secure without overly impacting on the experience of the delegates, the surrounding communities of the town and city and getting the right event organiser can make this happen. Earlier…

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