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Roadshow Events


Roadshow events are one of our specialties. Later this autumn we will embark on a roadshow that involves visiting approximately 30 towns and cities around the country; going north to Newcastle and Middlesbrough, west to Liverpool and Exeter, east to Peterborough and Norwich and south to Crawley and Southampton. Dublin, Belfast and Cardiff are also…

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Unusual venues


Using our events company London based contacts A little while back we were invited to respond to a brief that asked for bidders to identify a selection of venues to host a one-day conference for 700-800 people. Easy enough you might think, but the brief stipulated that the venue should not be a hotel or…

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Social media

social media

Integration of social media using events companies in UK It is reported in C&IT’s State of the Industry 2016 report that demand for integrated social media at events are on the rise, with almost 40% of corporate clients asking for a social media plan to be integrated into their events. Various agency bosses and events…

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